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Welcome to Preferred Choice Credentialing

As a provider/clinician you must know how important it is to update your credentials across all platforms. Claims can get denied for the most intricate level of detail. No matter the size of your practice, the outcome is still the same.

With Preferred Choice Credentialing, there will be no going back and forth with insurances companies because of errors in data entry or documentation. We are going to provide you with the tools to make sure that the credentialing process is done accurately and efficiently.

Listed below are two client scenarios of how Preferred Choice Credentialing was able to quickly resolve their issues:

First client reached out to Preferred Choice Credentialing seeking to apply for a Group NPI. No problem! I logged into their NPPES account to check the validity of the information documented. The provider had a taxonomy code "39020000X-Student in an Organized Health Care Education/Training Program" 😳. The provider was board certified and in practice for four years. This explained his recent struggles with his billing process. It is very important to register all applicable taxonomy codes with NPPES and to use the correct taxonomy codes when filing claims. It will affect the accuracy and timeliness in processing claims.

Second client received notification for one of their providers from an insurance panel stating “they have reached a decision to terminate your network participation from all lines due to your licensure level not being eligible last year”. Preferred Choice Credentialing made immediate and successful contact with the insurance panel. The insurance panel provided us with a copy of the notification sent to the practice explaining that this specific provider no longer met the eligibility requirement to render services to their patients. The client confirmed that they receive the notification but never responded. This action led to an alarming increase of denied claims. Preferred Choice Credentialing was able to bring clarity to the underlying issue and provide a burden reduction strategy that saved them both time and money.

We cannot stress enough the importance of why it is so crucial to ensure that data across all relevant platforms be consistent and accurate. No matter who is responsible for managing your information at the end of the day you are the provider. Insurance companies are going to check the validity of the information you provide.

Preferred Choice Credentialing pays attention to these things and also provides easy to understand tutorials on how to complete some of these tedious but required processes.

I hoped you enjoy our post today and encourage you to visit our site at Check out some of the services we offer and view our testimonials. I think you will have a better understanding why we are your preferred choice!



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