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Preferred Choice Credentialing gets it done. That's what we do.

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Why is Credentialing Important?

Credentialing is one of the most important processes for all licensed health care professionals. When applying to become an "In Network" provider, insurance companies will verify information such as the providers education, state license, certifications, affiliations, training, and liability insurance.


Your credentials must be active across the board during the entire process. ​ Our internal checklist will help keep your documents in compliance with regulatory mandates. This process is completed for both our new and established clients. Re-credentialing/Revalidation is an ongoing process that continues throughout the course of your profession every two, three, or five years.


Preferred Choice Credentialing will help you streamline your workflow processes, reduce the administrative burdens, and provide ongoing services to ensure accuracy and efficiency within your day to day.

What do we do?

After signing up, Preferred Choice Credentialing will host a 30 min call to review our internal checklist. Then we will do the following steps in this order:

  1. Together we will decide what discovery phase you fall under.

  2. The provider will provide all documentation requested

  3. Access and/or register for your  NPPES/PECOS/I&A Account 

  4. Registration or Modification of CAQH

  5. Initiate Credentialing

  6. Initiate Payer Enrollment

  7. Follow up  in increment of 30 days until enrolled

  8. Contracting Phase

  9. Make sure provider or group practice is listed in directory accurately.

  10. Provide a areport on enrollment status with effective date



For the most commonly asked questions and answers.

We believe that education is instrumental when it comes to credentialing. We will be your biggest advocators and supporters 

Licensed HealthCare professionals no matter the specialty provide services that are essiential to our local communities and beyond.


This is one of the major reasons why we offer these services at a reasonable price with an abundance of support throughout the process. 

Our mission is to always tailor services offered to the needs of your solo or group practice, assist in improving your workflow, and positively impact your bottom line

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