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Our Discovery Phase (DP) allows us to identify your current workflows and gaps within your revenue cycle department. We collect as much information as possible to strategize and develop the most appropriate billing plan for your practice. There are three (3) discovery phases. After we have determined what DP you fall under, collaboratively we will create a realistic and achievable timeline to get you started.

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DP I is for our clients who are new to billing. They have experience working for other groups, small practices, clinics, third party entities and hospitals. They billed under another company’s tax ID number and had no direct interaction with revenue cycle management teams.



DP II is for our clients with some experience managing the claims submission process on their own but have increased their patient caseload and can no longer assume the burdens that come with the billing process.

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DP III is for our clients who have been in practice and have more than one provider and looking to streamline their processes and increase their overall funding stream.

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