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Like most companies you probably heard a million and one reasons as to why you should choose us. While we offer many services that are similar to others, let us explain how we chose to be different. Preferred Choice Credentialing & ZMA Billing have teamed up together to offer you reliable, quality driven, and consistent medical billing services. We specialize in different areas and felt that our combined skillsets allowed us to service a broader range of specialties. Together we bring you over ten (10) years of professional billing experience in the healthcare industry. We utilize Kareo the #1 ranked integrated Billing and EHR solution for small practices and Claims.MD EDI Clearinghouse.  We have experience  with other EHR Vendors such as eClinical Works, Office Ally, Ability Our services include but are not limited to:  

  • Payer and EFT Enrollment

  • Insurance Eligibility Verification

  • Payment Posting/Adjustments

  • Coding & Denial Management

  • Timely Claims Submission

  • Dedicated Follow Up

  • User Training 

  • Evening and Weekend Client Support Services

Most medical billing companies shy away from small and solo practices but we specialize in these type of accounts. Our rates include an administrative fee, percentage base  and/or per claim charge.


In-house billing is wonderful if you have that kind of time and experience. The biggest advice we give to prospective clients, is to refrain from letting their claims fall into the 30-60-90 day buckets. If your claim denials are over 10%, well, you've found yourself in quite a pickle. Our knowledge base allows us to pay close attention to the claims, provide a quick turnaround response, and get you paid. 

No obligation. No commitment.  Free Consultation - Get started today!

Simply request a quote online - call us at (347) 569-5995 or email

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