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Ready 2 Launch

Cap and gown in one hand, license in the other. Picture perfect memory of what your future is going to look like five years from now. You apply for several jobs and land the big one in a major hospital. You make sure that you have all your documents aligned and ready to complete this outrageously large application. Only to learn that you are still missing paperwork. Searching and searching and searching to find all the documents you should have stored in a safe and secure place.

You take a moment to breathe, refocus your energy and decide to do things a little differently. Creating a checklist comes to mind! Slowly but surely the items requiring follow up start to decrease. Now, you are ready for the next step.

Credentialing is a serious and rigorous process that requires strong attention to details and accuracy. The question is are you an administrator, a practitioner, or both? Can you handle building and running a practice while maintaining a mandatory but daunting process?

While other credentialing companies will focus on helping you build your dream practice; Preferred Choice Credentialing will focus on helping you build a successful one. We offer non-traditional hours, payment plans, web development, social media marketing, but most of all peace of mind. Worry free practice, now that’s a dream come true!

I hoped you enjoy our post today and encourage you to visit our site at Check out some of the services we offer and view our testimonials. I think you will have a better understanding why we are your preferred choice!



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