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Is it really that Simple!

Provider credentialing is an integral part of practice management and the billing process. There is no working your way around it. If you are a solo practitioner or group practice the dependencies are

the same. You must have verifiable information regarding your qualifications including but not limited to education, liability insurance, state license and work history. The follow up is not only time consuming but imperative to the entire process. This is why outsourcing to Preferred Choice Credentialing, LLC is an option that should be strongly considered. We aim to meet all our deliverables in a timely manner with positive results. From the time we initiate the plan we keep moving forward until you are enrolled in the selected payor panel. The only way to know is to inquire. The only way to get it done is to let us do what we do.

Thank you for visiting Preferred Choice Credentialing, LLC.



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