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Is it better to have one insurance panel or as many as you can apply for when starting a practice?

From reading this question you would think the best answer would be as many as you can get!!

This is a very important choice that is worth some deep deliberation. Can your current workflow handle the patient volume? If your specialty is in high demand within your area, offer other languages, have special certifications, and/or licensed in more than one state; you may receive at least 20 to 25 referrals a week. That may even increase if you have a profile on Psychology today, Zoodoc or another referral marketing platform.

Workflow considerations: 1. Are you a full time or part time clinician?

2. Do you practice telehealth/teletherapy? 3. How many intakes will you complete in a day?

4. When will you write your clinical notes? 5. Do you have a referral process in place should your patient require higher level of care?

6. Are you processing your own claims and following ups with denials?

7. Are you completing and updating your CAQH?

8. Are you filling out credentialing applications and following up accordingly?

This is only a mere reflection of the credentialing and billing process. There is so much more to consider.

Preferred Choice Credentialing doesn’t believe that it is enough for you to leave it in our hands so you can focus more on your patients.

We do believe in providing full transparency and education on what needs to be done to ensure that you are able to continue promoting continuity of care, while running a successful practice. Informed decision making is always better!

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