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Beacon Health Options

Updated: May 27, 2021

Did you know that Horizon BCBS and Metroplus have separated from Beacon and now do their own Behavior Health Credentialing?

Previously, if you were credentialed under Beacon Health Options, Horizon and Metroplus were payors that were usually included when fully contracted. Horizon for NJ and Metroplus for NY.

Now there is separate paperwork required as they are building out their own network of qualified providers. Horizon is in full effect with their credentialing process. Metroplus has started the process of separation but by the third quarter of 2021 providers must have updated their files. The paperwork is pretty demanding and as always time consuming.

Preferred Choice Credentialing, LLC makes it a point to keep within the know of the latest information that may directly impact our clients patient volume and/or revenue cycle.

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